Cup of Joe - Episode 04: Home Office Tech Tour



Other Gear That I Use Frequently But Not Shown In Video:


Camera Settings:

  • ISO 160
  • Shutter Speed: 60
  • Aperature: F2.0
  • Sigma 30mm F1.4 Prime Lense
christopher wills
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Thanks for the show. Always very interesting to be shown around people's work spaces. I assume this setup evolved over time as your knowledge and requirements developed. For beginners what would you say was the minimum (a metaphor for cheap but acceptable :) )setup one could get away with for course creation videos?
Joseph Michael
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Yep, definitely evolved over many years. I should have said that in the beginning. When I first started creating videos it was with my iPhone (the very first version) and my Blue Snowflake mic linked above. If I were recommending a cheap but acceptable setup today it would probably be this: 

#1. Camera: Logitech C-920 (plugs right into computer via usb & is ready to go) only $60 currently - ....(or any current smartphone camera)

#2. Mic: Audio-Technica ATR2100 ( I don't have this mic but I've heard the quality and for only $69 it's quite amazing - also usb which is plug n play)

#3. To Record Your Screen: 

(A) Screenflow (Mac)$99 or (B) Camtasia (PC) $199 - 

This setup would allow you to have HD video, awesome sounding audio, and be able to record both including your screen via Screenflow or Camtasia all for less than $300. 

And even though I have a lot of fancy equipment this is the setup I still use the most :-)
11 months agoJuly 24, 2017
Thanks for the cheap setup suggestion -- looks a lot less intimidating than the list at the top!
Stephen Byrne
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Thank you and well done to you: I love your sense of order.
Joseph Michael
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Thanks Stephen - appreciate that
Joe Williams
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Love it Joe. So I take it by the monitor mounts that you have two 27 inch monitors? Do you have a link to them?
Joseph Michael
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Thanks Joe. I have 2 Apple Thunderbolt monitors. I run everything from my MacBook pro so I found these monitors play nicely together. One of them I bought on ebay at almost half price because it had a scratch on the back or something. Apple also has a really good refurbished section that I've bought from.
Susan Wheeler-Hall
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Wow! that's impressive and very tidy :)and informative. Thank you.
Joseph Michael
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Hanna McCown
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
What an awesome post.  Thank you for all the links.  Just in case I want to set up my video studio.  I love all of it.
Joseph Michael
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
You're welcome Hanna!
Barbara C Phillips
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Love it! I especially like the cart and the cable management. Please say more about your clutter box.
Sherry Rector
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Happy Birthday Joe!  Hope you and your family have a lovely and safe trip.
Paula Schuler
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Thanks, Joe!  Super appreciated.
Paula Pettit Skender
11 months agoJuly 21, 2017
Watching your Episode 04 a little late. That cart looks so neat - really organized. And the velcro covering all the wiring is an esthetic touch. Thanks again, Joe.
11 months agoJuly 22, 2017
This was great, thank you! So helpful. One question. Are you using Ecamm, OBS... or something else to get your branding onto the the first part of your video? I would like to use Belive but you cannot customize the logo. Thanks again, great video!
11 months agoJuly 23, 2017
Thanks for sharing this Joe. The quality of your video is definitely much higher than most courses out there, so well done!  I am curious -- what are the dimensions of your room?
11 months agoJuly 23, 2017
Thanks for taking time during your birthday to share with us. Thanks also for the rundown of adequate-for-starters equipment. Really appreciate your advice and encouragement to others.
11 months agoJuly 25, 2017
Happy belated birthday. Thanks for the tour. This doesn't sound (or look) nearly as scary as I thought.  Thanks for breaking it down into byte-size pieces.
11 months agoJuly 25, 2017
Great setup, love the sense of order and the pegboard idea. 
   I wonder if patterned curtains would work well (instead of screens) such as a garden scene, etc?  
   Happy belated birthday too!
Rick Carter
11 months agoJuly 26, 2017
I'm so pleased and feel I received great value from your video ... Now I have to digest it! You might get additional help from Dave - and his company

He's been a good acquaintance for very many years ... you won't regret it ... but, no commissions darn it! =)
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